Here you will find material that has appeared on the site
and is now out of date
Redbridge Council of Faiths
    2003 Garden Party pictures
Easter Calendar and Easter Quiz from REEP (2003)
Jewish Exhibition
    Sinclair House (January 2002)
Pippa Simou
    New HOD at Caterham (November 2000)
Redbridge Council of Faiths
    Multifaith Pilgrimage (July 1999)
Churchfields Lecture
    by Terrence Copley (June 1999)
Funny Bone
    Examination answers...
Star Wars
    Assembly story (September 1999)
Empty Chair
    Assembly story
Sikhism Exhibition
    The Arts of the Sikh Kingdom at the V & A (July 1999)
Sikhism Evening
    Report by Anne Krisman (April 1999)
Praying Their Faith
    Book review
The Spirit of the Child
    Book review
    Disability issues

Previous Agreed Syllabus (2001)

Redbridge Agreed Syllabus
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QCA Key Stage 3 schemes of work:
their significance

Agreed Syllabus Gallery
   Images to support the Syllabus

Key Stage 3
Year 6/7 Bridging Unit
   What shapes how people live their lives?
Download in Word format (right click)
"Diverse Redbridge" pictures on the Gallery page

Key Stage 1 & 2
Key Stage 1 & 2  
   Support material

Year 1 Support
   Support material for Year 1 RE units

Year 2 Support
   Support material for Year 2 RE units

Year 3 Support
   Support material for Year 3 RE units

Year 4 Support
   Support material for Year 4 RE units

Year 5 Support
   Support material for Year 5 RE units

Year 6 Support
   Support material for Year 6 RE units

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