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A New Settlement for Religion
   and Belief in Schools
    Westminster Faith Debates
    [added 10/15]

Materials used to teach about
   World Religions in Schools
    Executive Summary of Warwick Research Report
    [added 7/10]

OFSTED Long Report 
    Executive Summary
    [added 7/10]

SHAP Journal 2009: Fasting
    Includes 3 articles by Redbridge contributors:

  • Manisha Sharma (Gearies Infants) and her father
         on Fasting in Hinduism
  • Rozina Rajwadkar (South Park Primary) on fasting
         during Ramadan
  • Carol Khorsandyon (SACRE) on exercising moderation
         in the Baha'i teachings
        [added 9/09]

    Global Citizenship:
       Alive and Well In Ethiopia
        Gatherings article by Frankie Chissim
        [added 9/07]

    Religious nomads and naming
       ceremonies - a parental dilemma
        Gatherings article by Frankie Chissim
        [added 7/05]

    Feeling Our Way 
        Gatherings article by Geoffrey Court

     Time for Story 
        Gatherings article by Geoffrey Court

  •  Values, and Values in Education 
       Produced in 1999, 17 pages

    Feeling Our Way Towards Learning 
        Gatherings article by Geoffrey Court

    Looking at an ikon
        article by Angelika Baxter

    Sam and Aspergers Syndrome
        article by Hilary Papworth

    Baha'i Powerpoint Presentation

    The Teacher as Host
        Gatherings article by Geoffrey Court

    All about Shavuot 2003
        by Gia Midda

    RE & Citizenship: a Shared Vision?
       The Citizenship Foundation

    Finding the words:
       spirituality and school life
        by Bill Gent

    An Empty Chair, A Full Heart
        by Anne Krisman

     Wall of Wisdom
     by Anne Krisman


    Star Wars
       The art of story telling
        by Keith R. Underhill

      Funny Bone
        Examination answers!

    Milennium Madness
        at Woodbridge High

    Jewish Council for
       Racial Equality

    Swarthmore Lecture 2003
       Interfaith Pilgrims:
       Living Truths and Truthful Living

       Eleanor Nesbitt, Warwick University.
         A pdf of the lecture can be found at
       Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre
        under 'Learning Resources'.

    New OFSTED guidance on SMSC development  
      Page 1   Page 2   Page 3
       Refloating Noah
          Background for the Foundation Stage where
          Noah is given as an example of a story
          from RE Today

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