Farmington Fellowship Powerpoints
by Karen Van Coevorden
St. Mary's Church, Great Ilford
Balfour Road Mosque
Barkingside Methodist Church
Ilford Hindu Centre
Karamsar Gurdwara, Ilford
South West Essex Settlement
   and Reform Synagogue

Diverse Redbridge
Allah sign               Aum sign
Chinese Church      Khanda sign
Khanda Car            Mezuzah

    Ilford Lane
    St. Alban's Church
    Ilford Islamic Centre & Mosque
    Ilford Hindu Centre & Mandir
    Cranbrook Baptist Church

Le Loup de Gubbio
   (The Wolf of Gubbio) by Luc-Olivier Merson
   (1846-1920) Art Museum, Lille.
   Year 1 Unit:
   'Who influences our lives?'

A scene at Ilford Hindu Temple
   Two Hindus performing puja (worship) in
   front of murtis (images of Hindu deities).
   Notice the picture of Ganesha, the
   elephant-headed deity, on the side wall
   and the bell which the woman is ringing
   during puja.
   Year 3 Unit:
   'How and why do Hindus worship
   at home and in the mandir?'

Kathina Procession
   A procession of Buddhist monks and lay
   people on its way to Ilford Vihara for the
   annual Kathina Ceremony, November 2002
   Key Stage 3:
   Studies in the Buddhist tradition

Easter in York Minster
   Cross draped with a shroud to symbolise
   the resurrection in York Minster
    (Photographed by the Webmaster, Easter 2003)

Lectern in York Minster
   Lectern in York Minster showing
   the eagle bearing the Bible on its wings
    (Photographed by the Webmaster, Easter 2003)

London Peace Pagoda
   Pictures and information about this
   Japanese Buddhist gift to London
   in Battersea Park
    (Photographed by the Webmaster, July 2003)

  Agreed Syllabus Photographs
   (Hindu worship) at Hardwar, India
Baha'i temple
   New Delhi, India
Christian believer's baptism
   (by total immersion)
Bhangra dancing
   a tradition from the Punjab
Rabbi at the bimah    (raised platform)
   during a synagogue service
Candles lit by devotees
Sri Lankan church on Christmas Day
Christmas Day service
   Sri Lanka
Candle flame
   a universal symbol
Picture of Gandhi
   marking spot where he was
   assassinated in India
Processing the Guru Granth Sahib
   the Golden Temple, Amritsar
Christian Gospel Choir
Hindu worshipping before a murti
   (an image of a deity)
Buddhist monks
   Sri Lanka
Navaratri Celebrations
   Hindu festival
Young Tibetan monk
    turning prayer wheels
   Dharamsala, India
A Jewish Sofer
   (scribe) at work
Muslim woman
    reading the Qur'an
Bhangra dancing (2)
Inside the Golden Temple
Inside monastery
Inside Monastery (2)
Vicar & Bible

Views from Space

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