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"The impact of ICT on global society at large, and on education and learning in particular, will be enormous."
Bill Gent

"It's quite natural to feel apprehensive about this new technology, but it's important that we don't translate our fears into resistance. One of the great skills we have as teachers is our ability to adapt to new situations and to find ways of working around problems - we do it all the time in the classroom (and children are much more unpredictable than computers!)."   Gordon Becket

Course Outcomes
  • A greater grasp of the impact of ICT on education, teaching and learning

  • Knowledge of currently available resources

  • Notes for a school 'RE & ICT' statement

  • Greater confidence in talking about and using ICT

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Where do I go from here?
Even if we’re not the greatest thing since sliced bread when it comes to ICT, it is useful, as a starting point, to know what we could be or should be aiming to achieve. The material on the RE & ICT Statement page should help you plan future developments.

I don’t have enough time to do all this!”

'Live' use of the internet


Making your own pages