ICT & RE Inset Mark V
   Extended version of Mark IV
   including Starters, Hot Potatoes, Religion & Art
   by Gordon Becket

   A new WebQuest based on Diverse Redbridge
   by Gordon Becket & Anne Krisman as part of
   the Redbridge E-Learning Project, 11/03

RE & ICT Inset Course Mark IV
   Find out about the WebQuest concept.
   INSET from Gordon Becket on 5th March 2003

  RE & ICT Inset Course Mark III
   INSET from Gordon Becket on 16/10/00
   (prepared for Hertfordshire Heads of RE)

RE & ICT Inset Course Mark II
   Another INSET from Gordon Becket on 20/6/00
   How things have changed in the last 18 months

RE, IT & ICT Inset Course
   INSET from Gordon Becket on 21/1/99
   Useful if you are new to ICT or the web

      Becta's RE & ICT Newsletter

    Intranet at Little Heath (.pdf document)

    Using ICT to explore spiritual ideas in RE
      ICT advice from BECTA
      article by Anne Krisman

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