A visit to   Ilford Mosque
Albert Road, Ilford
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A view of the outside of Ilford Islamic Centre and Mosque.
Notice the tall minaret.
A panel on the outside wall of the mosque containing Arabic writing
The Imam and Chairman standing outside the front entrance to the mosque
These clock faces inside the foyer remind Muslims when each of the five daily times of prayer begins. It also tells them when Jumma (Friday midday) prayer takes place
A teacher, Ms Bowditch of Goodmayes Primary School, visits the mosque to make arrangements for some classes from the school to visit
This display shows the first words to be found in the holy Qur'an, called in Arabic Al Fatihah
The imam (the person who leads prayer) standing on the minbar (steps) at the front of the prayer hall as he would do to deliver the kutba (sermon) at midday prayers each Friday. Notice that he is holding a staff as it is said the prophet Muhammad did 1500 years ago
The chandelier which stands under the dome over the prayer hall of the mosque
Shoe racks just inside the main entrance. Upon entering, it is customary for people to remove their shoes as a mark of respect
Looking down into the prayer hall from the gallery. Notice: the carpet with its panels like prayer mats; the minbar (steps) standing slightly inside the mihrab (recess in the middle of the qibla wall); bookcase containing copies of the holy Qur'an
Muslim men performing wudhu (ritual washing) before going to pray
The prayer hall facing qibla (the direction of the Kabah in Makkah which Muslims face during set prayer)
A group of pupils and staff from Goodmayes Primary School in the prayer hall of the mosque, March 2000

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