Jewish Identity and Values in a Multicultural Society

JCORE education primarily aims to encourage a deeper understanding of racism and the relevance of our religious tradition and historical experience to this issue. We also endeavour to encourage Jews from all backgrounds and of all ages to examine how they relate to the wider community and to develop an awareness of and a commitment to understanding their responsibilities as Jews to combat racism.

All public institutions are now required by law to have a Race Equality Policy, ensuring that all issues of racism and equality are fundamental to the ethos of all educational establishments. JCORE's educational resources provide the materials which aim to contribute towards this ethos of tolerance and understanding.

JCORE offers a variety of services for teachers and pupils and would be
delighted to hear from any schools in the Redbridge area.

JCORE Publications

Let's Make a Difference
Teaching Antiracism in Primary Schools. A Jewish Perspective

This pack is primarily intended for Jewish children but is also an invaluable and timely resource for all teachers and youth leaders. It has been designed to help teachers at Key Stage One and Two tackle the difficult topic of racism, using insights of Jewish teaching and experience as a starting point. Teachers will find that the pack covers many aspects of the curriculum, including English, History, Art, Music, R.E. and Citizenship Education (PSHE)

The first chapter of the pack suggests activities to help children consider their own identities. Successive chapters progress from the close family and its roots to the wider issues of why people move and what it is like to be somewhere new as an immigrant, a refugee or an asylum seeker. There is a section on Britain as a Multicultural Society that aims to help children to value and appreciate their own culture and that of others. The pack examines ways of combating stereotyping, scapegoating and racism and concludes with a section which looks at ways to encourage children to take an active part in making their world a fairer place.

Each chapter contains material suitable for infants and juniors with suggested activities and stimulating worksheets. At the end of each section there is a resource list, comprising of related books, videos, charts and posters.
The pack can be adapted to the needs of different classroom situations with a variety of activities that can be used across the curriculum.

Making a Difference: Promoting Race equality in Secondary Schools, Youth Groups and Adult Education - a Jewish Perspective

This pack is primarily intended for Jewish children but the content provides an invaluable resource for studying Citizenship at Key Stage Three and Four. Many of the activities will also be relevant to the History and Jewish studies curricula.

The aim of the pack is to allow children and young people to consider the basic principles of anti-racism such as prejudice and stereotyping and to enable them to recognise and think about inequality in a way that is meaningful and vibrant.

The first chapter closely examines Jewish experiences of racism, including Jewish immigration and refugee experiences. The chapter then considers the experiences of unaccompanied refugee children now and then. The pack then looks at other groups experiences of racism, for example, black and Asian communities. A timeline provides a historical perspective on black and Asian immigration. It also considers contemporary racism directed at groups such as the Roma and Muslims. The pack looks at the position of asylum seekers and refugees today and also looks at the achievements of refugees. A chapter on Responses to Racism looks at using the law to combat racism. This chapter contains a case study focusing on the murder of Stephen Lawrence and the subsequent inquiry. The final chapter considers what can be done on a practical level to combat racism and develop a just and multi-racial society.

The background information is concise and accessible. It offers a variety of activities ranging from discussion and role play to practical writing tasks, all providing a stimulating introduction to the issue of racism.

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