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What's Heaven like?
   Give them a ring to find out!
   Flash presentation

Interesting ikon!
   Flash presentation

Looking Closely, Asking Questions
   "Let's look around Ilford Lane"
   Redbridge LGfL RE module for
   Primary & Special schools

 Cool Christian Link!
   musical Flash presentation

 Virtual Organ!
   Flash site from BBC Cumbria

   Which religion is closest to your
   beliefs? Take the Beliefnet quiz

The RE Blog
   Expanding resource for
   UK RE teachers

 Abston Church of Christ
   Lego® church and cats!

 My Hero
   Anyone can be a hero!
   Whom would you choose?

 Easter Garden
   Take a walk with REEP

 Buddhist Tales
   from Jatakkatha.com

 Ask Moses
  Answers in Judaism

   Virtual Puja  Hindu worship
   from Eprarthana

 Christmas in art
    from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y.

 Torah Scribe
    A Sofer shares his art

 Thin Places
    Experiencing spirituality

 Learn how to tie different turbans
    video from Sikhnet.com

 Sacred Texts
    Exciting page-turner at the British Library

 Jewish symbolism
    useful resources from ritualwell.org

 Antidote to the Rich List?
    The Independent on Sunday's 'Happy List'

 Pesach Symbols
    Musical reminder on Youtube

 Inspired by Muhammad
    A site exploring the inspirational sayings
    of the Prophet (p.b.u.h.)

 A Modern Nativity
    How the Nativity might happen in the
    computer age! A fun way of remembering
    Jesus' birth stories.

 Draw the Buddah's face
    ...and find out what it means. From Cleo.net

 St. Paul's Cathedral
    in 17 Gigapixels from sphericalimages.com

 World Nativity
    Interesting charitable family endeavour

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