Monitoring the content of collective worship:
a grid used at Gearies Infants' School

(Source: Redbridge Assembly Bulletin, Spring 2000 edition)

Editor's Note: Since the advent of OFSTED inspections, schools have become far more aware of the different 'levels' at which assembly and collective might or should work. The collective worship policy at Gearies Infants School, Redbridge, points out that its assembly/collective worship aims to promote five kinds of development in pupils: spiritual, moral, social, cultural and intellectual. In addition, the policy points out, the majority of acts of collective worship each term should have a "broadly Christian character". The grid below, which is ticked as appropriate after assemblies/acts of collective worship, is used as a means of checking that practice does in fact meat the high aims of policy. With thanks to Bob Drew, Headteacher, for permission to reproduce the grid here.

reflects upon the value, purpose & meaning of things   
experiences times of quiet inactivity to counterbalance the activity
which generally marks the rest of the day
hears stories & words from religious & other literature which suggest that there is more to life than meets the eye     

reflects on matters concerning right & wrong     
hears about incidents in which, & people in whom, goodness or right are exemplified     
learns about religions & other teachings concerning right & wrong     

gathers with others for a common purpose     
shares times of joy & times of sadness with others     
learns how to behave appropriately within a specific social setting     

hears music from a range of times, places & cultures     
reflects upon ideas concerning beauty & that which is pleasing to the eye & ear     
appreciates the range of talents & gifts found within the school community & beyond     

learns to engage with their minds     
has ideas & beliefs confirmed or challenged     
reflects upon the nature of learning & education     

makes reference to God & Jesus, when appropriate    
encourages a positive & responsible attitude to the environment    
encourages a quest for honesty, integrity, truth & justice     
encourages children to look beyond the obvious, the immediate & the material     
encourages love & respect for self & for the other person     
encourages service to others & to the community     

Thanks are extended to the Headteacher of Gearies Infants' School for permission to include this grid on the Redbridge RE Network website.

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