by Bill Gent
Redbridge R.E. Adviser (until 2008)
The link between religion and education is of interest to schools because aspects of their school life involve this link. Religious education, for example, is a part of the statutory curriculum for all pupils up to the age of eighteen. Collective worship is a feature of school life in both England and Wales.

But, beyond schools, there are others who have an interest in the interplay between religion and education. Many religious groups have such an interest as do individuals, whether they describe themselves as ‘religious’ or not.

Redbridge has a reputation for the quality of much of its work in religious education. Some fine RE teaching and learning goes on in Redbridge schools. The stance towards RE adopted in the local agreed syllabus for religious education is respected nationally.

The Redbridge Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) is well known for the quality and generosity of what it does. For example, it holds an annual lecture which is delivered by a person of national repute. An annual evening of entertainment is also held which draws together people from schools, the local community and religious groups. SACRE has also published a series of ‘briefing papers’ for schools which help headteachers and others to respond to religious and cultural issues which arise in a knowing and flexible manner.

There are individuals within the community who, although beyond school age, demonstrate that learning about religions, and about the interplay between religion and education, is a life-long quest.

There are also individuals outside Redbridge who, through being involved with activities focused in Redbridge, continue their link with the borough. Some of these individuals have led courses in Redbridge, or have attended the annual SACRE lecture. Some have acted as consultants to various projects.

The concept of the ‘Redbridge Religious Education Network’ embraces all these individuals and groups, and more besides.

This website is the Network’s ‘home’. It is where people can go for a range of material:
information about courses and meetings, articles about events, links with other websites, reviews of material, and so on. Through making contact with other individuals and groups, it is also a ‘meeting place’.

Those who are constructing the Redbridge Religious Education Network website know that it is both a new and a creative venture. That they do not fully understand how it will develop is of no great concern to them. For, after all, no-one as yet quite understands what the place of information and communications technologies will be in the new millennium.

Bill Gent
Redbridge RE Advisor up to 2008

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