Redbridge Standing Advisory Council
for Religious Education (SACRE)

Terms of Reference

Committee A
Christian Denominations and Other Religions and Religious Denominations

Mr. I. Morris

Ms S. Law
Jewish Representative

Mrs. C. Khorsandyon

Mrs. V. Sharma

Imam H. Rashid

Dr. S. Kariyakarawana

Mr. O. Tubi

 Mr. M. Singh

Catholic Representative

Shia Muslim Representative

Committee B
The Church of England

Mr. M. Leonard

Mr. J. Thurley

Rev. L. Hillier

Committee C
Teachers' Associations

Mrs. J. Diamond-Conway

Mrs. G. Dhanjal

Mr. D. Rice-Bowen


Committee D
Local Authority

Cllr. C. Cummins

Cllr. Nijjar

Cllr. S. Patel

Cllr. A. Weinberg


Substitute Members

Cllr. A. Phillips

Cllr. T. Rashid

Co-opted Members

Mr. C. Cornwell
Humanist Representative

Clerk to Redbridge S.A.C.R.E.

Ms F. Chissim

Also invited to attend regularly:

Ms D. Weston

Ms J. Haddock

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