A church visit by Year 7 students
at Woodbridge High School

Material supplied by Kathryn Wright, Head of RE, Woodbridge High School, Redbridge
As part of the Millennium Celebrations at Woodbridge, a number of Year 7 students went to this exhibition at St. Andrew's Church, Woodford Wells.

There were a number of ‘zones’.

The first was the 'Jesus Zone', with a huge collage of images of Jesus. This encouraged students to address any stereotypes they might have, and draw their own conclusions about what Jesus may have looked like.

The 'Media Zone' focussed on Christian music from around the world, and the church website. Students had to match the country and music, and find out various items of information from the website.

The 'Symbolic Zone' included interviewing a clergyman and looking at a range of symbols including those on clergy scarves, kneelers and stained glass windows. Most students wanted to know how much the clergy earned!

The 'Bible Zone' included a huge range of different Bibles from the King James version to the Bible in cartoons! Students could do comparative exercises.

The 'World Zone' included a huge map and jigsaw puzzle about Christianity in the world. Students could also view and touch a range of artefacts.

Comments from Woodbridge students included:

‘I liked the music, you could dance to it’ (Danial 7W)

‘I liked looking at the different Bibles’ (Katherine 7D)

‘I liked talking to Paul, the curate’ (Harry 7D)

‘I liked finding out about what a church does’ (Pavan 7W)

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