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Support for RE in community schools, 2009-2012

Following the departure of Bill Gent in August 2008, RE support was provided last year by Lynne Broadbent (overall responsibility for RE and the new agreed syllabus), Claire Clinton (secondary) and Julia Diamond-Conway (AST, Newbury Park Primary).

Lynne Broadbent and Claire Clinton have now relinquished their roles and Julia Diamond-Conway is on maternity leave for two terms.

Given the LA's responsibility for RE in community schools, a three-year contract has been drawn up with RE Today Services (a major national service-provider and publisher) through which RE support and advice, for both schools and Redbridge SACRE, will be provided by two 'associate advisers': Deborah Weston and Susan Thompson. Both are extremely experienced teachers and advisers. Deborah Weston, for instance, has just recently stepped down as Chair of the National Association of Teachers of RE (NATRE) and Susan Thompson already acts as RE Adviser to East Sussex as well as Brighton and Hove SACREs.

Further information about the roles of the associate advisers for RE will be sent to community schools by letter. In the mean time, Deborah Weston can be contacted by email at

If you wish to discuss these new arrangements, contact Madelaine Caplin, Head of School Improvement Team,

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