South West Essex Settlement and Reform Synagogue

Redbridge RE Teachers visit, 10th April 2003

South West Essex and Settlement Reform synagogue in Oaks Lane, Newbury Park, welcomed twenty Redbridge teachers for a twilight session. The aim of the training was to give an insight into the type of experiences our pupils would have if they came on a trip. Rabbi Maurice Michaels explained how school visits were split into sections, including looking at Jewish artefacts and hearing about their significance, learning about Hebrew and writing some letters, and looking at the Torah scrolls in the stunning white circular synagogue building. Many teachers who attended found the experience of walking into the modern lightfilled synagogue very powerful. Rabbi Michaels shared some fascinating facts about the making of the Torah scrolls and showed the Megillah (Purim scroll) which had been beautifully written by his son, a sofer (scribe) in his spare time. Teachers were interested to see the synagogue's former ner tamid (eternal light), which is now used as a Holocaust memorial lamp. We heard that the synagogue welcomed school visits and visits by teachers to synagogue services.

Please contact the synagogue office on 020 8599 0936 or email

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